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From initial design through to ongoing inspection, RIGCOM takes care of all your height safety needs including risk assessment, engineering, custom fabrication, installation, inspection, management and reporting, recertification and after sales service.

Turnkey solution


To reach difficult locations quickly and safely, our operators use rope access techniques so that they can conduct specialised inspections, maintenance and repairs.


To protect people working at height, our fall protection services include risk assessment and design right through to installation, inspection and recertification.


Scaling huge towers 100 metres off the ground, our technicians inspect, maintain and repair wind turbines and their component parts to optimise power generation.


To deliver innovative height safety solutions to suit each specific site, our engineers design bespoke systems which are custom-fabricated in our factory to full regulatory compliance.

“Your support and professionalism on Snowy Hydro assets, and over a large number of different projects, is greatly appreciated. Your business genuinely assists us in performing our jobs more safely and efficiently. A great partnership if ever I have encountered one.”

Peter Patsalou, Contracts Manager, Snowy Hydro Limited.

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Don’t overlook height safety equipment inspections

July 14, 2023
When it comes to height safety systems, the focus is often on design and installation. Yet, the crucial step often overlooked is managing the maintenance, inspection, and re-certification. Neglecting proper inspection risks the safety of workers and integrity of the equipment. Discover the importance of height safety equipment inspections.

The importance of regular SRL servicing

May 11, 2023
Self-retracting lifelines, also known as fall arrest blocks, are vital for fall protection systems. However, they require regular servicing to ensure worker safety, compliance, and product longevity. Even minor wear and tear can cause a unit to fail, resulting in life-threatening consequences.

Becoming a Blade Repair Technician: Your Ticket to a Career in Wind Energy

April 19, 2023
Becoming a Blade Repair Technician offers a promising career in the growing wind energy industry. Completing a certified Global Wind Organisation blade repair training program equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed for success in the renewable energy sector.

Modern architecture and the height safety system

August 4, 2022
When architects and designers consult with height safety professionals at the design stage, everything falls into place, resulting in a height safety system that provides worker safety and functionality without impacting the building’s street and eye appeal.