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More than just rope access.

With a developing and growing safety culture in the Australian industrial landscape, RIGCOM Access (now known as RIGCOM) was founded as an idea thirteen years ago on May 8, 2009. The startup intended to offer greater levels of service and professionalism within the industry, to provide innovative solutions using utilising the founder’s expertise in rope access techniques to undertake a variety of trades at height, providing a highly adaptable means of reaching the impossible and completing the unthinkable.

What is rope access?

Industrial rope access is a specialised method of working at height whilst suspended vertically in a harness, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving to answer the need for a simple, safe and adaptable means of access. It utilises functional rope work as a proven method to achieve a safe work position, allowing workers to safely access difficult-to-reach locations while removing the operational expenses associated with using scaffolding, cradles or elevated work platforms.

The application of industrial rope access requires a high level of user competency. Technicians use a twin-rope system, a main working rope supports the worker whilst a secondary safety rope provides back-up fall protection in the event of an emergency. The advantage of using rope access methods lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations and carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby areas. It applies to several industries, environments and work assignments, including:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas
  • Power & Petrochemical
  • The natural environment
  • The built environment
  • Shipping & harbours
  • Confined spaces
  • Renewable energy

RIGCOM, not just rope access

Since our humble beginnings thirteen years ago, we have evolved into an organisation that is more than just rope access. Today RIGCOM takes care of all your height safety needs through our four key divisions, offering rope, height, wind and engineering services.


To reach difficult locations quickly and safely, our operators use rope access techniques to conduct specialised inspections, maintenance and repairs.


To protect people working at height, our fall protection services include risk assessment and design right through to installation, inspection and recertification.


Scaling immense towers 100 metres off the ground, our technicians inspect, maintain and repair wind turbines and their component parts to optimise power generation.


To deliver innovative height safety solutions to suit each specific site, our engineers design bespoke systems custom-fabricated in our factory to full regulatory compliance.

Having gained extensive project experience across government, strata, military, mining, construction, energy and many blue-chip companies; our services extend to the following key industry sectors:

Energy sector – RIGCOM serves this essential industry through its rope access and training services delivered by a team of specialist technicians who have gained extensive experience in the wind energy industry in Canada, Europe, and the UK to inspect, maintain and repair wind turbines and their component parts including blades, towers, nacelles and spinners. Additionally, our wind energy training programs developed for internal staff are also available for the broader Australia and New Zealand markets.

Mining and resources sector – RIGCOM provides expert remedial, preventative and scheduled asset maintenance works for facilities across the mining and resources sector. Compared with traditional shut-down and repair work practices that require heavy equipment and scaffolding, our rope access solutions and advanced maintenance techniques deliver improved cost and efficiency benefits, helping to extend the life of assets and maximise their efficiency.

Commercial sector – From skyscrapers to apartment blocks, heritage buildings to hotels, RIGCOM has specialist teams adept at maintaining high rise buildings. Rather than using scaffolding that can take days to assemble, often requires council permits and can be very costly to install, our technicians employ the rope access approach to start work straight away, saving you time and money.

Government sector – Inspection and maintenance of large government infrastructure projects require specialist expertise. RIGCOM works around Australia, maintaining buildings and infrastructure for government departments such as the Department of Defence and Education. We also provide height safety services that protect workers from the risk of falls from height by conducting regular inspections and certifications, ensuring height safety systems maintain their operating functionality and comply with industry codes and safety standards.

Industrial sector – Recognised as specialists with the ability to access difficult to reach structures, RIGCOM is highly regarded in the industrial sector for its competence in providing innovative solutions. From remote locations through to sports stadiums, we deliver complex projects for industrial clients.

RIGCOM …protecting life, sustaining assets

RIGCOM provides a complete turnkey solution tailored to your industry, from initial design to ongoing inspection. We’ve developed a comprehensive 7-step service lifecycle to provide complete peace of mind as we manage all aspects of your height safety needs, including risk assessment, engineering, custom fabrication, installation, inspection, management and reporting, recertification and after-sales service.

Learn More About Our Service Lifecycle

Our approach is to understand your individual needs before designing a solution tailored to your requirements using our specialist knowledge and capabilities in rope access, height safety, wind and engineering. Our core commitment to you is that we expect every project to be completed right, the first time, every time.

Discover the RIGCOM difference; call us today to learn more about our services and what we can do for you.