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Optimising wind power generation

Australia’s wind energy industry is recognised as the fastest growing renewable energy source for electricity generation in Australia,
with billions of dollars invested into the local sector. As this market develops, the demand for high-quality maintenance providers has
significantly increased and is a critical component in ensuring optimal performance and asset lifespan.

Preventative maintenance

A wind turbine is a complex system, and global research indicates that regular preventative maintenance is key to optimising power generation from wind turbines. Over time Australia’s harsh environmental conditions cause damage to turbines, blades, nacelles, spinners and the tower. The build-up of dirt, oil and foreign object damage or the erosion of blades all affect power curves. Regardless of whether blades or other critical components have been damaged in transit, during installation, or delaminated by a lightning strike, regular maintenance is key to:

  • Optimising power generation.
  • Minimising down time.
  • Reducing entire blade failure risks.
  • Curtailing potential loss of earnings.
  • Preserving and increasing plant lifespan

Dirt build up

Foreign object damage


Lightning strike


RIGCOM …working with Australia’s Wind Energy Industry

Developed to respond to the specific needs of wind energy clients in Australia and the Asia Pacific, RIGCOM’s Energy Services division provides wind farm owners and manufacturers with a professional repair, maintenance and inspection service that improves the efficiency and lifespan of their plant. Our experience covers all major wind turbine models and includes retrofit work and scheduled service and maintenance.

Utilising rope access, baskets and platforms, RIGCOM’s technically advanced blade repair and service division technicians inspect, maintain and repair wind turbines and their component parts, including blades, towers, nacelles and spinners. We can handle everything from cleaning, painting and complex structural repairs to the application of Leading Edge Protection (LEP) technologies. We can also assist with warranty and post-warranty operations.

RIGCOM has the experience, skills and accreditation to assist in all aspects of wind turbine repairs and maintenance, including:

  • Technicians accredited in composite repair.
  • Trainer and team leader with 20+ years of overseas wind energy experience.
  • International Rope Access Trades Association (IRATA) technicians.
  • High-risk licences.
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

“If you had the choice, it would be easier to complete all wind turbine blade repairs on the ground – but that’s not the real world. Instead, this work needs to be completed by scaling huge towers 100 metres off the ground – this is where RIGCOM thrives.”

RIGCOM has a dedicated team with technical knowledge gained locally and from the more mature wind energy markets in Canada, the UK, Europe and the USA. Whether you require specific advice or full-scale project management and solutions, RIGCOM can assist.