Service Lifecycle

RIGCOM’s comprehensive 7-step service lifecycle has been designed to provide clients with complete peace-of-mind as we manage all aspects of the design, installation and ongoing compliance of your height safety systems. Clients can select from any number of our services to suit their specific requirements.



Ongoing recertification is required in all states and territories under the AS/NZS1891.4 and AS1657 Standards. It is also required by Regulations in most States and Territories.

During this process, every asset on site is assessed against a customised equipment checklist to ensure ongoing product or system compliance.

Each asset is logged – either manually via its unique serial number or by allocating an RFID tag; photographed; tagged to record the re-inspection date and any failures are recorded.

Data is then uploaded into the ALTUM™ portal, enabling clients to review their assets and the status of inspections using either standard or highly customised reports.

Further inspection or testing of additional assets can be easily arranged and an asset inspection history can be produced showing a full-service background and trends in failures.

RIGCOM will send a notification to you one month prior to the due date so that your system re-certification can be booked in.


“RIGCOM offers a full suite of fall protection measures to protect people working at height.”