Equipment supply and installation

Through our close working relationships with domestic and international suppliers, RIGCOM develops the best solution to meet the specific requirements of each wind farm.

Whether it is a proprietary or custom-engineered solution, RIGCOM supplies, manufactures and installs:

  • Internal tower access ladders, including customised mobile solutions
  • Nacelle and tower anchorage, restraint and lifting systems
  • Rescue and emergency escape systems
  • Internal tower rigging systems
  • Vertical and horizontal lifelines
  • Internal/external access platforms
Equipment Supply

RIGCOM also supplies a wide variety of equipment specific to the wind industry, including;

  • Nacelle rescue and escape equipment
  • Monti power tooling
  • Confined space tripods and accessories
  • Stretchers, baskets and spine boards
  • Mobile anchorage devices
  • Fall protection and rope access harnesses
  • Climbing equipment
  • Customised rigging and lifting equipment
  • Slings, connectors, ascenders and descenders
  • Lanyards and tool protection tethers
  • Helmets, gloves and general PPE
  • Powered ascenders
Equipment Supply