From statutory maintenance through to emergency inspections, RIGCOM’s specialist technicians are qualified to assess:

  1. Towers
  2. Blades, nacelles and spinners
  3. Ladders and access systems
  4. Safety and rigging equipment

RIGCOM customises inspections and recertifications to suit each client, ensuring that all your systems – whether fall protection, rigging or access – comply and adhere to the applicable Standards.

We can assess for damage which may include surface, joint or root area cracking; moisture incursion or leading-edge erosion. For tower inspections, our NACE certified inspectors evaluate affected surfaces and report on any coating issues including rust and surface blistering.

Following inspection, repairs and issues are logged into RIGCOM’s custom-built ALTUM™ portal, providing clients with 24/7 access to detailed reporting including service and maintenance actions on wind energy assets across individual sites.

Inspections can be undertaken dockside, to assess any damage incurred through transit, or pre or post installation.