Regular maintenance is key to optimising power generation. Without blade maintenance, power generation can be reduced. If damage is left unattended, the entire blade can fail.

RIGCOM services include:

  • Tower maintenance
  • Blade maintenance and repairs
  • Nacelle and spinner repairs
  • LEP maintenance and application
  • Safety system maintenance
  • After sales component installation (Vortex generators/ dino tails)
  • Blade cleaning
  • Tower cleaning

Delivering the highest quality workmanship, our technicians work on both epoxy and polyester based blades. For more complex repairs, RIGCOM utilises vacuum pumps and other essential support tools to ensure that the highest quality is maintained.

With a rapid response team for emergency repairs, as well as a specific R&D team who work on the latest LEP products and Vortex generators, our technicians can be deployed for service and maintenance either dockside, pre-install, on or off tower to suit your requirements.