GWO Blade Repair Training Course dates

Course dates are currently unavailable – please re-check the website soon to find when new dates are to be released or contact our training coordinator to register your interest by calling 1300 893 230.

Training feedback

Students who recently completed RIGCOM’s GWO certified Blade Training course comment below on what they consider were the best aspects of this course.

“Amazing training course! I really appreciated the enthusiasm and knowledge of the trainer. Great facilities and maintenance of the work zone, tools and materials. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn about blades and wind turbines.”

22 Jan 2021, RP

“The trainer has provided the knowledge and confidence to complete blade repairs in the field without supervision from experienced personnel. Making errors in practical sessions to see how it effects the final result is a valuable training technique. ‘We learn from our mistakes’, so seeing them in real time is great and will be remembered long after the course is complete.”

22 Jan 2021, KC

“Chris has a wealth of knowledge in the field of composites and I learned a lot from him. I was also surprised that we delved into learning about the manufacturing of the blades, not just how to repair them which was awesome!”

11 Dec 2020, JM

“I really liked the way that everything was delivered. The training area was very complete and professional; everything was super-safe and the trainer was so accurate and professional.”

11 Dec 2020, IR

“The trainer has a wealth of knowledge and was able to clearly deconstruct his experience into an interesting and absorbing 10-day introduction to composites. I feel well prepared to inspect and repair.”

18 Sept 2020, TC

“The trainer was great and very open to suggestions in delivery. Content and feedback was awesome and constructive and facilities were perfect.”

18 Sept 2020, JG

“Great facility. Very well structured course which flowed well and was easy to relate to actual real life situations. Great confidence to now take to site.”

18 Sept 2020, RvG

“Very satisfied with the contents of the course, especially the trainer’s personal touches.”

18 Sept 2020, JdG

“Best training I’ve done in my life. Excellent!”

17 July 2020, KK

“Loved being able to see and use the vacuum bag technique.”

17 July 2020, BM

“Trainer knowledge, flow, variety of skill sets, good vibes.”

17 July 2020, DmP

“Having real blades to work on plus the trainer’s knowledge.”

17 July 2020, JL